Wordpress software for Website design and building

Let BWB Business Website Builders design and build the website you deserve using WordPress software.  WordPress is an open-source software that has become the most popular, fastest growing, content management system in the world, being used on over 73 million websites. With thousands of stunning themes and clever plug-ins to choose from, WordPress enables businesses to create websites with immense flexibility that are capable of delivering exactly what each business may need.

Among the many thousands of innovative plug-ins on offer is Woocommerce, an impressive piece of shopping cart software, perfectly integrated with the WordPress software and fully compatible with it.  Woocommerce also accommodates different payment gateways including the simple-to-implement Paypal Express which allows online stores to process payments by debit card, credit card or Paypal.  BWB have built ecommerce enabled websites featuring the Woocommerce shopping cart and the Paypal Express payment gateway.  A good example of what can be achieved by BWB using WordPress and Woocommerce is the Gift City UK website.

Website design shopping cart software

Paypal express payment gateway for taking online payments

Website design and Website Building services

BWB design and build attractive, modern, state of the art websites which are quick loading, robust, stylish and, most importantly, user-friendly.  All our websites are designed and built with the end user in mind to ensure they are simple to use, intuitive and easy to navigate.

All the websites are designed and built to be mobile responsive websites and adaptive for effective display on desktop, tablet and mobile phone screens.  With over half of searches now taking place on mobile devices, it is ivital new websites are mobile and tablet friendly.  This particularly true now Google are pushing non mobile-friendly websites down the search engine results and rankings.  Having a mobile-responsive site is essential.

If required, websites can be translatable, have 'News' or 'Blog' pages integrated within the website and have anti-spam software added to prevent spamming responses to blog or news posts. Google analytics can be inserted into the website to assist with the analysis of the performance of site.

A 'Contact Us' form can be added where required and set up to forward customer comments and questions to a chosen email address.  

If the project is a major overhaul or a new build of an existing website, the site can be designed and built under a temporary domain until ready for launch.

BWB not only design and build clean, modern, effective, intuitive websites but can also assist with producing quality content for sites, editing and optimising images and video, search engine optimisation (SEO) and local SEO, plus undertake website maintenance including, security, software, theme and plug-in updates, as well as site back-ups, restoration and content updates.

Website design and build services
Responsive website building for PC, tablet and mobile devices