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Hackers don't only target large commercial websites, many will access and disrupt small sites purely for devilment and for the intellectual challenge it offers.  Reclaiming a hacked site is notoriously difficult and there can be no doubt that as far as websites are concerned, prevention is much better than cure.  Since WordPress is open-source, any breach of its security by hackers is swiftly followed by a patch to heal the breach as millions of WordPress coders sharing resources work together to create a fix.  However, as with Windows updates, if users do not action the updates in a timely manner, they become vulnerable.  The recent huge disruption to numerous major international businesses was entirely caused by updates not being actioned promptly.

BWB Business Website Builders offers a Website Security and Maintenance package which actions speedy updates to WordPress, Website Themes, Woocommerce, Paypal Express and the complete, extensive range of WordPress Plug-Ins.  In addition to the regular site back-ups, BWB will back-up sites before and after updates in case an update causes a conflict, as well as offer a complete site restoration service in the event of problems or a website crashing.

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WordPress Updates

WordPress usually release two major updates per year, plus six or seven minor updates.  Sometimes these are software-led with improvements to the functionality, but mostly, they are security patches issued to cover website vulnerability issues.

WordPress Theme Updates

Most WordPress sites use a theme and theme developers produce their own updates.  Often, these updates are in response to WordPress updates and they are crucial to maintaining compatibility between the theme and the WordPress platform, as well as helping maintain website security.

Plug-In Updates

Virtually every WordPress website uses a variety of plug-ins.  One of the beauties of using the WordPress platform is the availability of thousands of plug-ins all extending the functionality of WordPress. These plug-ins include the Woocommerce shopping cart, Paypal Express Payments Gateway, Contact Forms, Anti-Spam, Calendars, Google Maps and many thousands more.  Again, each plug-in offers regular security and software updates.

As part of the monthly maintenance package, BWB will promptly action all updates.  For added peace of mind, BWB performs a full website back-up before actioning updates and a further full website back-up after actioning updates, just in case an update creates an unexpected conflict and causes the website to crash or become unstable.

Website Back-Up Services & Website Restoration

As well as the back-up services described above, BWB provide a regular back-up service for each website to ensure an up to date version is available for restoration if required.  BWB keep a hard disk copy of the full website back-up which is periodically copied to a portable hard drive.  For further security, BWB send the back-up to two unconnected remote servers for cloud storage.  BWB will undertake website restoration when required as part of the maintenance contract.

Changes to Website Content

As part of the monthly website maintenance contract, two FREE content changes can be accommodated each year.  These may be changes to  contact details, content of web pages or menus but would not include creation of entirely new pages or similar labour-intensive tasks.

The basic monthly Website Maintenance Service offers unparalelled peace of mind, saves business owners significant time and ensures websites are properly protected for only £19.95 per month.  If required, BWB can provide additional services such as hosting for an extremely competitive price.