Nelson Place Market Research Website

Nelson Place Market Research Website

The developers of Nelson Place retail park near Monmouth needed a market research website to assist their plans to develop a scheme that adds to the retail and leisure offer of Monmouth while minimising any adverse effect that may be caused to Monmouth's traditional town centre.  Following concerns raised by local townspeople and businesses about the initial proposals, the developers have redesigned the scheme to take those views into account.  Business Website Builders were asked to design and build a website that would enable local people to comment on the revised scheme, make suggestions and submit their views in full to the developer.  

The website design was required to clearly show the plans both in detail, and in an illustrative form, to ensure the proposals could be easily envisaged by those viewing the website.  The illustrative plans and drawings needed to be easy to understand such that locals viewing the plans could identify the site and its features, and be able to translate that information into a visual image of the post-development site.  The feedback form needed to be designed to enable interested parties to make and submit detailed comments, ensuring people were able to fully express their views. 

BWB Business website builders designed the website, edited all the images and crafted the site content.  The website uses bold colours but is a simple, crisp, clean, functional website design with little clutter.  Moving forward, the retail park developers have retained BWB Busines Website Builders to oversee the security of the website, action software updates, perform regular site back-ups.  As part of the management and maintenance services provided Business Website Builders will undertake site restoration should the site fail or 'go down' at any time.

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