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Medical Device Market Research Website

The aim of the MDMR website is to highlight the change in the statutory requirements for manufacturers of medical devices and the new obligations it places upon them.  Previously, medical device manufacturers only had to respond to reported customer problems, but the requirements have been changed to more closely match the current legislation, as it is applied to drug companies. 

MDMR can help medical device manufacturers develop a pre-launch market research strategy and a robust post-market surveillance plan to identify potential problems, as well as improvements that might be made to recently launched devices.  MDMR can help manufacturers comply with the new European Medical Devices Directive (MDR) both for new launches and for devices when the CE Mark comes up for renewal.

Using a variety of different methodologies, MDMR can assist with Expert Panels, Focus Groups, Telephone Interviews, Online Surveys, Advisory Boards, Face to Face Interviews, Conference and Exhibition Feedback.  The Medical Devices Market Research website details the various methodologies that can be employed.