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House & Pet Sitting Website

The Hertfordshire House and Pet Sitting website was built by BWB Business Website Builders to advertise the services available to people wanting their home and pets looked after while they are away on holiday.  The service is designed for those reluctant to put their dogs in kennels or cats in catteries and prefer them to be looked after in their own home.  BWB designed and built the website, writing all the content and adding many reassurance elements for homeowners.  The copy highlights the extensive experience of the service providers and their trustworthiness, as well as being keyword-rich and search engine optimised.  Despite only being launched a few months ago, the website comes in the first two or three results on page one in Google and Bing for search terms such as 'Hertfordshire housesitters', 'housesitters Hertfordshire', 'housesitting Hertfordshire' etc.

BWB also manage and maintain the site regularly updating the software, templates and plug-ins, as well as making any content changes required by the website owners.

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