BWB Business Website Builders built an ecommerce website for Gift City UK Ltd with a woocommerce shopping cart and a Paypal Express Payment Gateway capable of accepting payments by Debit and Credit cards, as well as Paypal.  The website design incorporates the company's logo and corporate colours and much time was spent perfecting the navigation system to ensure customers can easily search for and find products.

With the product range running into thousands, it was imperative that a logical, intuitive category system be designed to help customers during the product search process. The website is separated into 5 main categories: Women's Gifts, Men's Gifts, Children's Gifts, Home & Garden Gifts, plus Personalised Gifts. Each main category is further sub-divided.  Thus the Women's Gift Category offers sub-categories of: Handbags & Purses, Fashion Jewellery, Bath & Beauty, Accessories and Personalised Gifts for Women.  Each sub-category can be further expanded as per the Fashion Jewellery section which sub-divides into Necklaces, Bracelets & Bangles, Earrings and Brooches/Compacts/Other Jewellery.  This enables shoppers to drill down to a chosen section without being overwhelmed and discouraged as they can be when presented with thousands of random items.

A further challenge was the wide range of personalised gifts on offer coupled with a broad range of personalisation choices.  Products had to be set up to enable buyers to specify a range of choices such as firstly, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate: then Milk or No Milk: then sugars or sweeteners; then a personal message and finally the name of the recipient. Other personalised gifts required the facility for images to be uploaded as part of the order process and BWB developed product templates for each different type of personalised items.

Similarly, products such as the high-end Southcombe leather gloves for women and men needed product templates which allowed shoppers to order from a range of sizes, as well as a range of colours.

Gift City UK Ltd also runs two micro-sites, one specialising in engraved glass products and the other in a wide range of personalised gifts.  These needed blending as seamlessly as possible with the Gift City UK website, so shoppers can move between them without realising they are moving between different websites.

The Gift City UK ecommerce website is a great example of the expertise BWB can bring to help create an attractive, well-designed, woocommerce enabled online, ecommerce store.

If you need an ecommerce webstore creating which will enhance your business reputation whilst enabling you to drive sales and grow your business, please contact us.  It will be our pleasure to help you achieve your goals.